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Safety Covers

View our FAQs about Pool Safety Covers.

I don't have any kids. Why do I need a safety cover?

A swimming pool is a magnet for children and pets in the neighborhood. A properly installed and maintained safety cover is an effective way to ensure wandering kids or pets will not gain access to your pool when you can’t be there to supervise. Pool owners may purchase a safety cover as a winter cover. The safety cover provides a barrier to keep out winter debris while lasting many years longer than the traditional winter cover. A properly installed safety cover can make opening your pool much easier in the Spring.

Mesh vs. Solid - Which is better?

The answer to this question will depend on your location, pool use and your pool needs. Mesh covers weigh much less than a solid cover, which can make mesh covers easier to install at larger sizes. However, if your pool season is relatively short, and you still desire relatively clean water every opening season, a solid cover may be the choice for you. A solid cover does require proper tension for optimal drainage. Each material has its own advantages, depending on your pool and geographic location. Mesh allows water to drain into the pool as the ice or snow melts. Mesh blocks 92% of sunlight to inhibit algae growth. Solid Covers block virtually 100% of the sunlight, preventing all algae from growing. See our Mesh vs Solid chart on our main covers page for more information.

Do I need to drain my pool when I am ready to put on my cover this winter?

Never drain your pool in preparation for winter. If properly winterized, the water in the pool will be fine, and it actually helps to support the cover in the case of a large snowfall. Please keep in mind your cover warranty specifically states that water levels lower than 18″ from the top of the pool may void your warranty and can result in damage to the cover.

Should I remove snow from my safety cover?

No. Snow and Ice will collect on your cover in certain climates. It should be left alone. Damage to the cover or personal injury may result when trying to remove snow or ice. If pool water levels are properly maintained under the cover (no more than 18″ below the deck level), the weight of the snow and ice should rest on the water without issue.

Can you install a safety cover on an aboveground pool?

No. Aboveground swimming pools are designed to support the outward pressure of the water in the pool. A safety cover can put pressure in the opposite direction which could lead to a collapse of the pool wall. A great alternative for an aboveground pool is a WaterWarden pool safety net.

Is it easy to remove and store the cover?

Typical sized safety covers go on and remove in about 15 to 20 minutes after initial installation. Each cover comes with a mesh storage bag. The bag is then hung or stood upright in a dry, secure place until ready for use in the Fall.

Safety Fences

View our FAQs about Pool Safety Fences.

Will a WaterWarden pool safety fence work for my pool?

WaterWarden’s pool safety fence is designed to safeguard almost any shape or size pool. You can even Install the pool fence around freeform pools or over uneven surfaces. While our fence is designed to be installed by the pool owner, your pool professional can help determine the best location for your pool fence so as to make it as safe as possible for your family.

What are the advantages of a WaterWarden pool fence?

WaterWarden Removable fencing is appreciated by many families. While many caregivers opt to leave the WaterWarden pool safety fence in place continuously when children are young, the entire pool fence can be easily removed in minutes and conveniently rolled up and stored for adult gatherings. Grandparents or other part-time caregivers enjoy the option of putting the fence up when young children are visiting, and removing it when there are no children nearby.

How tall are your fences?

Our fence and gate heights are 48″ (4 feet) & 60″ (5 feet) tall.

Can a child (5 and under) climb, knock down, or unlatch the fence?

It is extremely unlikely for a child under the age of 5 to be able to climb our mesh fence without something to climb on or the assistance of another child. It is extremely difficult for a child or adult to knock down a WaterWarden pool fence. It is extremely unlikely that a young child will have the height, strength or mechanical dexterity to unlatch any section of fence.

Can I purchase individual panels to replace areas of my WaterWarden pool safety fence?

WaterWarden pool safety fences are available for purchase in 12 ft. sections.

Where should I store my fence?

Our mesh fences roll up easily for compact storage. The UV inhibitors and weatherproof mesh material make our fence safe to store indoors or outdoors.

How long does a pool fence installation take?

Typical installations take an average of up to 2 hours, but timing can vary depending on the length of your fence and the surface of your deck.

Onto what type of surface can your fence be installed?

WaterWarden safety fences can be installed into concrete, customized for placement in dirt and, in most cases, they can even be installed into a wooden deck after making the proper accommodations. For installation advice, please contact WaterWarden.

Can a WaterWarden pool safety fence be installed around an aboveground pool?

Yes, A WaterWarden pool safety fence can be installed around an above ground pool. For installation advice on how to properly install the fence around an aboveground pool, please contact WaterWarden.

Safety Nets

View our FAQs about Pool Safety Nets.

Why choose a pool net over a traditional safety cover?

Both protect your children and pets from pool access. However, the net system is great for homeowners with little deck space. WaterWarden pool safety nets are even more convenient than safety covers – they can be installed on almost any pool, spa or water feature. They are extremely lightweight, yet durable, and very easy to install. Other than safety fences, they are virtually the only real solution for aboveground pool safety. Unlike safety covers, however, a pool net will not protect your pool from debris and algae.

Can the WaterWarden pool safety net work for any pool?

Yes. Models are available for inground and aboveground pools. Complicated pool layouts or elevations may require a more detailed design of your pool net. WaterWarden pool safety nets are designed for the do-it-yourselfer; however, for more complicated installations, call your local pool specialist.

How convenient is it to use the pool if I have a pool net?

Most WaterWarden pool safety nets can be removed and replaced in under 15 minutes. Pools with complicated rock elevations or waterfall details may require a few extra minutes for the removal and replacement of the safety net. The lightweight, water resistant reel included with each inground pool net helps to roll up the net and keep it contained when the pool is being used. Always replace the pool net completely when the pool is no longer in use. The net must be removed entirely before using your pool.

Will holes have to be drilled in my deck?

Yes. There are two ways to install your anchors. The popular in-ground anchors require the drilling of ¾” holes in your deck. These anchors are available in multiple colors or brass finish, for a close match to your pool deck. Alternatively, our flat brackets can be used on the deck surface. This option requires the drilling of holes that are only 1/8″ wide.

How long will the WaterWarden safety net last?

When used properly, your WaterWarden pool safety net will serve you well for many years. WaterWarden’s 100% polyethylene netting is not affected by pool chemicals or chlorine. All WaterWarden pool safety products are routinely treated with the maximum available UV inhibitors to prevent sun damage. The stainless steel clips will not corrode or rust. And the storage reel is water resistant. To add to your peace of mind, every WaterWarden pool safety net comes with a 5 year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

Will a WaterWarden pool safety net satisfy regulatory agency requirements?

All WaterWarden pool safety products are meticulously researched and designed to be at the cutting edge of swimming pool safety. However, WaterWarden is unable to determine the official compliance of its products with all particular building and safety codes in every municipality. Please check with local governing agencies before you purchase for their specific requirements.

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