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Dunwell Vertical360

More Than a Work Light

Dunwel Vertical360 lights are not your typical work light. With its cylindrical design, the Vertical360 illuminates your entire work space. The tall, center mast light is free from protective cages, eliminating shadowing and blind spots when you’re working.  Unlike traditional work lights, the Vertical360 allows multiple people to share the same light, as there is no need to direct the light to any specific area. The lightweight, slim and collapsible design makes it easy to transport and store, and the three size options allow you to choose the light that fits your particular needs. The polycarbonate lens, powder-coated, metal framed tripod and LED light source make it a durable and reliable light that will last. Whether you need a light for a home renovation or for the worksite, you can rely on the Vertical360 because a Job Isn’t Done Unless It’s Dunwell.

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