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Swimming Pool Products

One of the cornerstones of SPQ Brands is our lines of safe, fun and cost-effective swimming pool products. Whether you’re looking to make your pool brighter, safer, warmer or easier to care for, we’ve got you covered. SPQ Brands helps families get the most out of their swimming pools with a wide range of trusted products for both aboveground and inground pools.

You can purchase any of our product brands through major retailers such as Amazon, Walmart, eBay and Home Depot. Click on our product pages to find out more.

Pool Safety

Relax this summer with the peace of mind that you’ve taken care of many of the potential hazards of having a pool. SPQ Brands’s swimming pool safety products include alarms, covers, fences and nets. Covers, nets and fences can keep kids and pets out of the water, while alarms can alert you to any slips or unsupervised pool or pool area entry. These products come from our WaterWarden®, PoolEye®, and YardGard® brands, as well as ProSafe®, our professional line of products available through exclusively through pool supply dealers and installers.

Pool Heating

Maximize the months you can spend in the pool and minimize your fuel costs with Liquid Heat Shield and solar blankets from SunHeater®, eco-friendly solutions to keeping your pool warm.

Pool Lighting

Don’t let sunset stop you from enjoying your pool. Our NiteLighter® products can keep the party going with easy-to-install white and multicolor pool lights that don’t require draining. We also make outdoor spotlights and landscape lights that can boost safety and visibility in the pool and surrounding areas.

Pool Covers & Liners Pads

Protect your pool during the harsh winter months with our Winter Block pool covers, and keep leaves out of the pool with mesh leaf-blocking nets. Our leaf nets feature durable, fine mesh to lay over your winter cover and collect the leaves that pile up during fall and winter. We also manufacture LinerLife® liner pads made of thick polyester geotextile material that can take the brunt of sharp objects and grass, helping to prevent damage or holes to your pool liner. They also provide a comfortable layer of cushioning and come in standard pool sizes to eliminate measuring and cutting.

Pool Chemicals

Our line of pool chemicals from SunHeater includes a liquid heat shield solution designed to help your pool retain heat. This solution acts like a liquid solar blanket by reducing pool water’s evaporation and locking in heat. Plus, with less water evaporating, you’ll reduce your consumption of pool chemicals and save money. Our liquid heat shield solution is made from natural, safe ingredients. It’s an excellent complement to other heating systems but can also be used by itself.

Pool Accessories

Make sure your pool is outfitted with everything it needs to deliver a safe and fun experience. We manufacture a wide range of pool accessories to help you maintain and beautify your pool, including nets, fountains, brushes, etc.

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