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Blue safety net on aboveground pool

WaterWarden Safety Nets for Inground and Aboveground Pools

The WaterWarden swimming pool safety net is a revolutionary item in swimming pool safety, developed specifically to safeguard children from unsupervised exposed water. The UV protected polyethylene netting is fitted to each pool. Models are available to fit most standard residential pools, perfect for both inground and aboveground pool safety nets. Nets can be easily trimmed by the pool owner for a more customized fit. The pool safety net is stretched and installed over an inground pool by attaching it to the flush nylon deck anchors with steel hooks and tightening it with a central tensioning system to keep it secure and taut above the water’s surface. All necessary installation hardware and instructions are included! Inground pool nets come with a reel system for convenient removal and storage.

Purchase at Amazon, Walmart, Home Depot and Lowes.

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Pooleye alarm

PoolEye Pool Alarms

Along with a pool barrier and swimming instructions for your child, a pool alarm is an essential component of any pool safety plan.

PoolEye, with its line of affordable, accurate alarms, is the only brand you need to give you and your family peace of mind when it comes to pool safety. Our subsurface wave detection alarms are tested to the highest standard, sensing objects weighing as little as 15 lbs, while bypassing conditions that can cause false alarms like wind and rain.

Be prepared and armed with PoolEye alarms, featuring the most accurate pool intrusion technology on the market.

Purchase from Amazon, The Home DepotWalmart and Lowes.

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child entering pool through pool gate

YardGard Pool Gate/Window Alarm

The YardGard YG03 pool gate alarm is an effective and affordable warning system that alerts you upon an unauthorized entry into your backyard. It’s an effective layer of protection against children wandering into your pool area unsupervised. YardGard meets or exceeds state and local barrier intrusion alarm codes. Mounting hardware is included for wooden and metal gates and doors and for sliding glass windows.

Purchase from Amazon, The Home DepotWalmart, or Lowes.

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Pool Safety Products

When it comes to swimming pools, safety is of paramount importance. Taking the correct safety measures will help ensure peace of mind and protection for pool owners, children and pets. At SPQ Brands, we manufacture high-quality pool safety covers, fences, gates and alarms — all the equipment you need to ensure a secure pool environment. Browse our competitively priced quality pool safety products to learn more.

Pool Safety Covers

SPQ Brands manufactures the WaterWarden line of pool safety covers designed to protect your family. Our safety covers come in a range of sizes and colors to fit most standard residential swimming pools. Quality solid brass, flush-mounted anchors offer sturdy support without interfering with your deck safety or aesthetic. Each cover is handcrafted for the utmost quality and safety and is manufactured to meet strict UL safety standards.

When you purchase one of our pool safety covers, you can count on expert design and engineering that accounts for every detail. WaterWarden covers feature top-of-the-line two-ply strap webbing throughout for extra strength and durability, and our solid covers are made with a lightweight mesh drain that strains rain and melting snow into the pool while keeping out debris, avoiding the need for a cover pump.

Pool Safety Nets

Safety pool nets help limit unauthorized access to your pool. At SPQ Brands, you can access our line of exclusive WaterWarden pool safety nets designed to protect both aboveground and inground pools. Each customizable net features the finest quality materials and comes with a unique centralized tensioning system.

Easy to remove and replace, WaterWarden nets feature UV-protected material and come with a five-year limited warranty attesting to its long-term durability. Inground pool nets come with a water-resistant reel to contain the net when it’s not in use, making it easy to keep your pool area clean and free of clutter. Pool owners can enjoy a tailored fit and easy do-it-yourself (DIY) installation, thanks to a unique prefinished pool net system that is easily customizable by the pool owner.

Pool Safety Fence & Gates

Are you looking to create a safe and reliable pool barrier to reduce the risk of accidents? Pool safety fences are essential. WaterWarden fences are designed with extra strength, UV-protected fine mesh fabric suspended between aluminum poles. Each fence kit includes adjustable sections for a fully tailored fit around any residential pool.

WaterWarden pool safety fences are easy to install and remove, yet incredibly sturdy when set up. Each mesh panel features reinforced edging to help prevent wear and tear and increase the life of your safety fence. This design provides many benefits to pool owners, including straightforward DIY installation, effective prevention of unsupervised pool access and strong UV protection.

WaterWarden safety fences are available in 4′ and 5′ heights, depending on your needs and preference. A safety gate in either height is an available option that allows easy adult access to the pool. Each gate is self-closing and features a magnetic locking mechanism.

ProSafe® Pool Safety Equipment

We manufacture the ProSafe line of safety products specifically for pool suppliers. These covers, fences and nets feature high-quality materials and are available in custom sizes to fit various pool specifications:

  • Pool covers: ProSafe covers come in over 136 different sizes and colors ready to ship, along with custom covers to fit more unique shapes and sizes.
  • Safety fences: Safety fences from ProSafe are available in Meshylene and vinyl materials for inground pools. These fences can include features such as safety latches, self-closing gates and climate- and corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Safety nets: With safety-enhancing designs, ProSafe safety nets stretch over a pool to keep children and toys away from the water. They’re available in various sizes and with different deck anchors.
Pool and Gate Alarms

Pool and gate alarms offer enhanced protection against children entering the pool area without supervision. SPQ Brands carries a variety of PoolEye aboveground and inground pool alarms, as well as YardGard gate and window alarms featuring extra loud sirens that alert parents when triggered.

All of our alarms include quality mounting hardware that makes them straightforward to install, and they’re designed to last. Each alarm features a water-resistant design ideal for poolside access. A convenient battery-operated design features a one-touch bypass system, making it easy and fast to access your pool area.

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SPQ Brands is known for unmatched quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service. You can purchase our selection of pool safety covers, nets, fences, gates and alarms at major online retail locations, including Amazon, Home Depot, Walmart and eBay. If you have any questions about our pool safety equipment or would like to learn more, feel free to contact our team directly.

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