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Sunheater liquid heat shield

Sunheater® Liquid Heat Shield

Everyone knows you need pool chemicals to keep the water clean, but did you know you can also use them to keep it warm? SPQ Brands has developed a safe, family-friendly solution for improving the heat retention of your pool. Liquid Heat Shield works by reducing evaporation, locking water in and ensuring the heat from the sun goes in one direction — into your pool, not out of it.

The SunHeater Liquid Heat Shield behaves like a solar blanket, but without the cumbersome setup or high costs. It is a safe formula that’s easy to use and much more cost-effective than solar blankets.

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Green Prosafe cover on inground pool

Sunheater™ Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

Pool heaters can be expensive – not only because of the initial purchase price, which can be in the thousands. Often a pool will sit unused after the pool owner receives his first utility bill for heating. On the other hand, a Sunheater solar blankets offers an inexpensive way of keeping your pool water warm. Not only do they cost far less upfront, there are also no ongoing operating expenses to worry about. Not only that, they can help minimize water evaporation and the use of cleaning products, too! Cut down on your heating, water, and maintenance bills with a Pool Solar Blanket from Sunheater!

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Solar Pool Heating System

Keeping your pool heated year-round doesn’t have to cost a fortune. SPQ Brands carries top quality solar blankets and reels plus our Liquid Heat Shield to affordable retain your pool’s heat and reduce fuel costs.

Sunheater Liquid Heat Shield

Sunheater’s Liquid Heat Shield is the latest product designed to retain your pool’s heat long term. Made from natural ingredients, Liquid Heat Shield successfully locks in heat, much like a liquid solar blanket. Over time, this will reduce your pool chemical consumption rate and water use — saving both time and money.

Thanks to its natural composition, Liquid Heat Shield is completely safe for both your family and the environment. Convenient volume markings on the bottle make it easy to add the designated amount to your pool.

You can find Sunheater Liquid Heat Shield at Amazon, Walmart, eBay or Home Depot.

Sunheater Solar Blanket Rollers

With a Sunheater solar blanket roller, you can easily store and deploy your pool’s solar blanket conveniently and neatly.

A Sunheater solar blanket roller is a handy pool accessory with models for aboveground or inground pool solar blankets. It has stainless steel hardware and sturdy hand-crank wheels. These solar blanket rollers are also available with various mechanisms for attaching the solar blanket and achieving stability, such as fastening to the pool’s top rails. Sunheater also offers telescoping aluminum tubes that fit with Sunheater solar rollers for a variety of solar blanket sizes.

Sunheater solar blanket rollers are available at Amazon, Walmart and Home Depot.

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