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Winterblock aboveground pool cover

Winter Block Swimming Pool Winter Covers

The Winter Block Winter Pool Cover is great for keeping your pool in good condition during the cold winter months, and it will also make getting your pool back into shape in the spring much easier. The Winter Block aboveground winter pool cover is made of laminated polyethylene sheeting woven with thick, high-density polyethylene stitching, ensuring superior tensile strength and durability. It has also been treated to provide maximum resistance to damaging ultraviolet rays. When the autumn leaves start to change,  it’s time to think about winterizing your pool with a Winter Block winter pool cover. With Winter Block you can rest assured that next summer your pool will be ready for another season of family fun! Winter Block will keep debris, rainwater, and melted snow out of your pool. The cover is lightweight making it easy to install. It’s tightly woven 7 x 7 scrim makes Winter Block extremely durable to withstand the harshest winters.  Models are available for most standard shapes and sizes of inground and aboveground pools.

Purchase at Amazon, The Home Depot, Walmart, and Lowes.

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Leaf net with leaves on top

Winter Block Swimming Pool Leaf Nets

Avoid dealing with those heavy, smelly, decaying leaves left on your pool cover when you open your pool in the spring with our pool leaf blocker! The Winter Block leaf net’s super strong fine mesh traps the leaves and other debris that settle on your cover during the fall and winter months. Setting up your pool net to trap leaves is a breeze—simply lay the Winter Block net on top of your winter cover before the leaves fall, and remove it before the harsh winter hits. The pool leaf block net is designed to stay on top of your winter pool cover until all the leaves have fallen.

Simply remove the net and trapped leaves by slowly dragging it off the winter cover. Remove the leaves from the leaf net. After it’s dried, store in a cool dry place until your next pool closing.

Winter Block leaf nets are available for most inground residential and above ground pool sizes in round, oval and rectangle shapes.

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Liner Life swimming pool pad

Liner Life Aboveground Pool Liner Pads

Liner life pre-cut liner pads are specifically designed to help protect the floor of aboveground pools. The high density material will help prevent grass, roots, weeds, rocks and other sharp objects from damaging the pool’s liner. Liner life is manufactured to fit the most popular pool sizes, eliminating the need to measure, cut and tape as one would with foam padding.

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Green Prosafe cover on inground pool

Sunheater™ Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

Pool heaters can be expensive – not only because of the initial purchase price, which can be in the thousands. Often a pool will sit unused after the pool owner receives his first utility bill for heating. On the other hand, a Sunheater solar blankets offers an inexpensive way of keeping your pool water warm. Not only do they cost far less upfront, there are also no ongoing operating expenses to worry about. Not only that, they can help minimize water evaporation and the use of cleaning products, too! Cut down on your heating, water, and maintenance bills with a Pool Solar Blanket from Sunheater!

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SPQ Brands Pool Liners and Covers

Our pool cover and pool liner products are all assembled with quality in mind, and each one is designed to protect your investment and your time. We make it easy to take care of your pool without paying a fortune. You can spend less time fighting with your cover or fixing leaks and more time enjoying what your pool was meant for.

Liner Life Pre-Cut Liner Pads

From our Liner Life brand comes a pre-cut liner pad that adds protection and comfort to your aboveground pool. This high-density polyester material resists sharp objects like rocks and toys and can prevent grass and weeds from damaging the liner of your pool. It also helps prevents “footprints” or divots in the pool’s base.

We manufacture Liner Life pads to fit the most common round, oval and rectangular pool sizes, so installation is easy without any frustrating measurements or cuts.

Winter Block Leaf Nets

Do you procrastinate opening your pool in the summer because you dread the mess of wet leaves sitting on your pool cover? You’re not alone, but the Winter Block leaf net can help.

This fine mesh traps the heavy leaves that accumulate in the colder months and makes it easy to drag them off before removing the cover. The net is lightweight and easy to store and is available for both inground and aboveground pools in round, oval and rectangular shapes.

The Importance of Protecting Your Pool

You’ve put a lot of time, money and effort into installing a pool. Don’t put those investments at risk when simple, cost-effective solutions are available. Our pool cover products can help you:

  • Save money. Keeping your pool in good condition is much easier than repairing it. Depending on the issue, fixing a pool can be a costly endeavor. Torn liners alone can cost several hundred dollars to fix, while complete liner replacements can cost thousands — and the price of professional leak detection and repairs can drive that number higher. Our liner pads are just a fraction of that cost.
  • Provide peace of mind. Protecting your pool can both protect your investment and deliver peace of mind. Rest easy knowing that you’re taking care of this important part of your home. The kids can splash around for years to come, and you can keep relaxing by the water.
  • Save time. Remember how valuable your time is. Make pool maintenance easy on yourself with SPQ pool products.

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Whether the threat comes from sharp objects, leaves or foot traffic, SPQ’s range of pool protection products can keep your pool clean and clear all year long. We’ve been developing high-quality products to save you money and maximize family time for over 20 years. Our pool products are a cornerstone of SPQ Brands, where we provide easy-to-use covers and liners so you can reduce the frustration and costs of maintaining a pool.

Click on the product pages above to learn more about each product and find out where to buy our pool liner and pool cover products! They’re available at many major retailers like Walmart, Home Depot, Amazon and eBay.

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