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Sunheater liquid heat shield

Sunheater Liquid Heat Shield

Everyone knows you need pool chemicals to keep the water clean, but did you know you can also use them to keep it warm? SPQ Brands has developed a safe, family-friendly solution for improving the heat retention of your pool. Liquid Heat Shield works by reducing evaporation, locking water in and ensuring the heat from the sun goes in one direction — into your pool, not out of it.

The SunHeater Liquid Heat Shield behaves like a solar blanket, but without the cumbersome setup or high costs. It is a safe formula that’s easy to use and much more cost-effective than solar blankets.

Purchase at Amazon, Lowes and Walmart.

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SPQ Brands is a trusted provider of family-friendly products, and pool supplies are one of our specialties. Liquid Heat Shield exemplifies our commitment to saving you money while creating a safe and fun environment for you and your family.

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