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Automatic suction pool cleaner

SmartClear Automatic Suction Pool Cleaner


  • Connects to your existing filtration system through the skimmer
  • Pleated seal (base plate) is soft, yet durable to gently and thoroughly clean any pool surface
  • Vacuum pools regardless of size, shape or surface
  • Requires at least a 3/4 HP swimming pool pump or a flow Rate of 1600GPH
  • Recommended for inground or aboveground pools up to 16′ x 32′ or 30′ Round

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Deluxe Aluminum Handle

SmartClear: Deluxe Leaf Skimmer with Aluminum Handle

Item: SPAG758770-3

  • Package Of 3 Leaf Skimmers, Ditch the flimsy plastic skimmers. Buy premium and skim carefree for multiple seasons
  • Strong, lightweight aluminum core with a plastic safety bumper that won’t mark vinyl liners
  • Durable poly mesh securely fastened into a wide frame. Bigger scoops mean quicker cleaning
  • Tough aluminum handle with a bright blue anodized coating
  • Easily snaps into most standard 1.25″ telescoping poles, Package of 3

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Deluxe see through vacuum

SmartClear: Deluxe See-Thru Pool Vacuum Head

Item: SPAG75520-3

  • Package of 3 – see-thru body allows viewing of debris being removed.
  • Triangular shape cleans corners easily.
  • Swivel adapter fits 1½ and 1¼ inch standard vacuum hose. Snap-adapt handle fits standard 1 1/4″ telescopic pole
  • Weighted to maintain contact with pool floor for effective vacuum
  • Angled brush design for fast and effective debris pick up, Cleaning surface is 11 inches wide.
  • Molded from ABS plastic. Durable, chemical-resistant, and long lasting

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Deep Leaf Skimmer

SmartClear: Deep Leaf Skimmer

Item: SPAG75300-3

  • Package Of 3
  • Super-strong, structural molded leaf rake
  • Deep fine-mesh bag handles both big clean-ups and small debris
  • Quick to disconnect, fits most telescopic vacuum poles
  • Curved edges mean no sharp spots to damage pool sides

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Leaf Skimmer

SmartClear: Leaf Skimmer

Item: SPAG75260-3

  • Package Of 3
  • Scoops out leaves, bugs & other kinds of debris from your swimming pool, pond, hot tub, fountain or large fish tank.
  • Leaves water sparkling clean & inviting
  • Easy-Glide Operation: Special design allows our skimmer to move effortlessly through water. No more straining your arms! Handles water pressure and heavy, wet debris like a champ.
  • Sturdy Yet Lightweight: High quality plastic frame is designed to last season after season.
  • Durable, fine mesh netting efficiently scoops up even the tiniest bugs and particles.
  • Works With or Without Pole: Use our skimmer on its own or attach it to virtually any pole using our EZ Clip handle with 2-push button technology (prevents you from jamming your fingers).

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Swimming pool butterfly vacuum head pack

SmartClear: Weighted Butterfly Vacuum Head

Item: SPAG75230-3

  • Package Of 3
  • Designed especially for vinyl liner pools
  • Unique brush pattern channels debris directly to the suction for easy removal
  • weighted to help the vacuum hug the pool floor for optimal cleaning power
  • Snap-adapt handle fits on any standard telescoping pole.
  • For aboveground and inground pools

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Smartclear thermometer

SmartClear: Thermometer

Item: SPAG7557-3

  • Package of 3
  • Large easy read thermometer for pools and spas
  • Large easy to read thermometer with tether cord
  • Checks your pool and Spa water in Fahrenheit and Celcius degrees.
  • 10 ” Thermometer

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Solar blanket reel

Sunheater Solar Blanket Rollers

Solar blankets can add warmth to your pool, but they also create more setup and teardown time. One way to make things easier to wrangle these heavy, unwieldy blankets is with a convenient solar blanket roller for pools, which allows you to simply turn a crank and release your solar blanket onto the water.

We supply a wide range of solar blanket rollers for aboveground and inground pools. These all use stainless steel hardware, and many feature fully stainless steel frames for stability and durability. Each type of solar blanket roller that we produce is built for the type of pool you have. For instance, we offer movable T-shaped and U-shaped models and more permanent models that fasten to your deck or pool.

In addition to rollers, we also manufacture telescoping aluminum tubes compatible with our reels. These products are available at major retailers such as Amazon, eBay and Walmart.

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WaterWarden™ 7-in-One Pool Test Strips

Is Your Pool Water Truly Clean and Safe?

Looks can be deceiving. Sure, your pool’s water might appear clear and safe to swim in, but imbalanced water chemistry can damage your pool and equipment, all while making it easy for dirt and harmful substances to accumulate. It can also wreak havoc on skin, hair, and eyes. Hiring a professional to clean and monitor your water quality would quickly drive up your maintenance costs. But what if you could do it yourself quickly and easily?

Experts recommend that owners conduct water testing for pools, hot tubs, and spa pools at least once if not twice per week, to ensure maximum consistency, safety, and cleanliness.

Using WaterWarden 7-in-One test strips will help make the entire cleaning and maintenance process more manageable and less of a hassle, especially if you have multiple pools or water features to keep an eye on.

7-in-One Pool Test Strips from WaterWarden will help you measure your water levels quickly and easily in a matter of seconds!

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