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Kwik Fill water gun and station

Kwik Fill Water Gun System

“I’m out of water!” A water gun’s number one problem has now become its main attraction.

Kwik Fill’s pressurized system keeps the game going with virtually no stoppage, no traffic jams at the hose and no unlucky players vulnerable to an ambush. 6 seconds* is all it takes to reload with 44 fluid unces of liquid ammo. No caps to remove and replace, no hoses to turn on and off, no more submerging a water gun until the bubbles  stop…just Push Down to Fill Up!

System Includes: 2 Kwik Fill Water Guns and 1 Kwik Fill Station

US Patent Number 10,473,421

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Nitelighter driveway lights

NiteLighter Solar-Powered Spotlight

Three individual pivoting lamps and a solar panel offer widespread illumination across your driveway or yard. This motion-activated light turns on for 30 seconds, or as long as it detects motion, to make your trip from your car to the door more comfortable. They’re also an excellent security measure to deter intruders.

The Nitelighter spotlight can detect motion from up to 32 feet away. It’s water-resistant and installs easily with a single wireless bracket. Once you install your Nitelighter spotlight, you can enjoy it without thinking about the need to turn it on.

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Landscape light in grass

NiteLighter Landscape Lights

Nitelighter LED landscape lights can brighten your landscape or act as an area spotlight. You can mount these lights to your walls or secure them on your lawn with the provided stakes. We offer two different models, including cool white and warm white, to fit your desired look.

The adjustable light and solar panel allow you to capture the sun wherever it lands and illuminate whatever yard features matter to you most. Outer LED lights create a wide array for lighting your yard, while the center-colored lights can bring a bold accent. These landscape lights can operate for 10 hours on a single charge.

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FlexRay landscape lighting installed in grass

flexRAY™ Flexible Solar Landscape Lights

Our new flexible landscape lighting solution uses a three-section light with adjustable arms. Point each light to different areas of your yard to enhance curb appeal and illuminate your space. Light walkways, gardens, trees, flags and more with a single lighting system.

A separate solar panel powers the FlexRay system. The 6″ chord gives you the flexibility to move your panel to areas that receive the most light. The solar panel recognizes lighting changes throughout the year, so you don’t have to adjust timers or wiring. Cool, warm and neutral color options allow you to personalize your lighting look.

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