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Orange driveway safety net on driveway

Play it Safe Driveway Safety Net

There’s nothing better than kids playing outdoors with their friends getting lots of healthy exercise and fresh air. But too often young kids playing on their driveway dash into the street chasing a ball or toy that has gotten away from them. Often, they don’t pay attention to the sidewalk or the point on their driveway that their parents have designated as a boundary line. The absence of a physical barrier can create a dangerous interaction between children and neighborhood traffic. The play-it-safe driveway net creates that defined boundary that reinforces parents’ instructions where their children can safely play. With its unique “v” shape and extended ramp bottom, the driveway net is a must-have safety product.

Buy it today at The Home Depot, Walmart, Lowes, and Amazon.

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Kwik Fill Water Gun System

“I’m out of water!” A water gun’s number one problem has now become its main attraction.

Kwik Fill’s pressurized system keeps the game going with virtually no stoppage, no traffic jams at the hose and no unlucky players vulnerable to an ambush. 6 seconds* is all it takes to reload with 44 fluid unces of liquid ammo. No caps to remove and replace, no hoses to turn on and off, no more submerging a water gun until the bubbles  stop…just Push Down to Fill Up!

System Includes: 2 Kwik Fill Water Guns and 1 Kwik Fill Station

US Patent Number 10,473,421

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Kids playing with backyard waterpark

Buckets of Fun 6-in-1 Backyard Waterpark

Waterparks are a great way for young kids to cool down on a hot day. So, instead of spending your time planning and packing up the car, paying exorbitant entry fees, and chasing after your kids once you’re finally there, the whole family can enjoy a fun, stress-free day with the new Buckets of Fun 6-in-1 Backyard Waterpark.

Buckets of Fun is a blast! It’s a safe, cost-effective way to keep your kids happy and cool in the convenience of your own private backyard waterpark. With 6 ways to play, kids aged 2 and up will keep themselves entertained for hours on end. Watch kids wait with anticipation or race to beat the automatic dump bucket, build a sandcastle, chase after and pop hundreds of bubbles, fill the twisty funnel or ride through the coolest kiddie-carwash around. Buckets of Fun is easy to assemble, with no gluing or cutting required; so, your season of fun only takes minutes to arrange. [United States Patent D812,174]

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Nitelighter driveway lights

NiteLighter Solar-Powered Spotlight

Nitelighter® solar-powered and motion-activated spot/driveway lights allow you to illuminate a wide space with three separate pivoting lamps. They spring to life for 30 seconds whenever they detect motion. Use them to make your journey from the car to the front door more comfortable, or keep an eye on your pets when you let them out at night. These solar-powered spotlights are also great security lights to deter intruders.

The solar-powered driveway light features a daylight sensor for “set it and forget it” operation and a motion sensor that can detect objects up to 32’ away. It’s easy to install this water-resistant, single bracket wireless light fixture.

We manufacture two motion-activated spotlights. One of these lights offers an additional dusk-to-dawn mode — providing illumination when the sun goes down — and a dusk-to-dawn and motion-activated light that illuminates to full power when it detects movement.

Make it safe and convenient to light up your yard each night with motion-activated spotlights from Nitelighter — available at Amazon, Walmart, Lowes and the Home Depot.

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Landscape light in grass

NiteLighter Landscape Lights

Nitelighter Landscape Lighting is a solar-powered, LED, dusk to dawn landscape or area spotlight system with 2 models to choose from: a cool white light or an automatic color changing light. The lights can be installed with the provided ground stake in a garden to illuminate landscaping or can be wall mounted to provide an area with light throughout the night. The adjustable light and solar panel allow for flexible positioning to both capture the sunlight for charging during the day and illuminating the desired area at night. The outer white LED lights with reflective inserts allows for a wide light array for larger objects; the center-mounted multicolored lights will accent the features of your yard. With up to 10 hours of run time on a single charge, these Nitelighter landscape lights will keep things bright long after the sun goes down.

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Two children sitting on BeeFree scooter

Bee Free Scooters & Helmets

View our 3 sizes for the Bee Free scooters & the 2 sizes for the helmets.

KICK SCOOTER – Bee Free Kick Scooters provide a solid platform for children to fine-tune their motor skills and explore their independence.
EASY TO RIDE – The rear foot brake and lean-to-steer front axle give riders confidence to tackle a variety of turns and maneuvers
COMPACT DESIGN – The lightweight, foldable design makes this toddler scooter easy to carry and store.
ENCOURAGES ACTIVITY – Scootering is a great way for kids to be active because it is simply fun. The Bee Free Scooter is comfortable to ride and encourages kids to get off the couch and into a healthy, active lifestyle
BRIGHT VISIBILITY – The signature yellow color of Bee Free kid scooters, as well as the LED light-up wheels, help to increase the visibility of young riders to passing motorists. CPSC Certified

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