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SPQ Brands Outdoor Products

If you want to add fun, safety and simplicity to your time in the great outdoors, SPQ Brands can help. We manufacture a wide range of outdoor products from scooters and water guns to lights and games, each of which is built with safety and ease of use in mind. Families across the country turn to SPQ Brands for quality outdoor products that make the most of the warm weather.

These products are available at major retailers such as Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and eBay. Click on the links for each category to learn more.

Dunwell™ Work Lights

Light up your space with the innovative Dunwell Vertical360® work light. This cylindrical light reaches the nooks and crannies of your space without creating blind spots. It’s also easy to store and move with a lightweight, collapsible design.

Kwik Fill® Water Gun

Give your kids the upper hand in their next water gun fight with the Kwik Fill water gun system. Simply press down on the water gun to fill it up in just six seconds.

Outdoor Lighting Products

Our Nitelighter® brand manufactures outdoor spotlights and landscaping lights for added safety and exciting new looks for outside your home. Spotlights can add plenty of brightness to your space, while landscaping lights add color, accents and visibility to your house’s exterior or pathways.

Touch Light

Our touch lights, also from Nitelighter, deliver battery-operated lighting at the push of a button, wherever you need it. Place them in the closet, under the sink, in your shed or anywhere else you need quick, easy-to-use lighting.

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