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Here at SPQ Brands, we know games and we know fun. Let us put them together for safe and exciting activities to use in your yard, around the neighborhood and in the house. All of our games are available at major retailers like Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot and eBay.

Games on Tap red cups with beer pong balls

Games on Tap Beer Pong Challenge Set

Games on Tap is all about good times with great company and with that comes a twist on traditional beer pong. The Beer Pong Challenge Set is a game within a game. With every made shot comes an opportunity to show off your skills by meeting a fun-filled challenge. Each of the 20 durable, reusable cups are marked with their own unique challenge ranging from shooting with your eyes closed to taking a shot with your back to the table. Shuffle the cups after each game to create endless combinations which will keep you on your toes and the laughter coming. With 6 ping pong balls included, all you need to do is add some friends and maybe a little spirit…or two.

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