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Waterwarden safety fence surrounding pool area

Swimming Pool Safety Products

When it comes to swimming pools, safety is of paramount importance. Taking the correct safety measures will help ensure peace of mind and protection for pool owners, children and pets. At SPQ Brands, we manufacture high-quality pool safety covers, fences, gates and alarms — all the equipment you need to ensure a secure pool environment. Browse our competitively priced quality pool safety products to learn more.


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Green Prosafe cover on inground pool

Swimming Pool Heating Products

Keeping your pool heated doesn’t have to cost a fortune. SPQ Brands carries a variety of heating products designed to help you retain your pool water’s heat, reduce your fuel bill and extend your swimming season.


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Family swimming in an above ground pool at night with led lights

Swimming Pool Lighting Products

Are you looking to light up your aboveground pool without a hefty energy bill? SPQ Brands manufactures a line of pool lighting options designed to reduce your monthly expenses and your home’s carbon footprint. We offer low-voltage LED white and multicolor lighting designed for aboveground pools.


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Leaf net with leaves on top

Winter Covers, Leaf Nets and Liner Pads

Find out more about our Liner Life liner pads or our Winter Block pool covers & leaf nets to protect your pool. Our products are made to extend the life of your pool!


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Boy in swimming pool

Swimming Pool Chemical Products

Liquid Heat Shield will help your pool retain the heat generated by your SunHeater solar heating system or other heat source primarily by reducing pool water evaporation. This also has the added benefit of preserving your pool chemicals, saving you time and money. Simply add the amount designated for your pool using the easy-to-read markings on the bottle.


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Children playing with sprinklers

Swimming Pool Accessories

Navigate through our SmartClear products that can be used to enhance and maintain your swimming pool. If you have additional questions on these products, get in touch with us today by filling out our form.


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Set of red beer pong cups and beer pong balls


View our outdoor products such as the Kwik Fill Water Gun System, Games on Tap Beer Pong Challenge Set, Bee Free Scooters & Accessories, and more.


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Colorful landscape lights illuminating house

Outdoor Products

View our outdoor products such as Kwik Fill Water Guns, Nitelighter Landscape Lights, Nitelighter Pool Lights, Bee Free Scooters & Accessories, Nitelighter Touch/Switch Light, and more.


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Man repairing equipment with worklight on

Work Tools

Learn more about our Dunwell Vertical360 and other work tools to improve your workspaces. If you have additional questions on these products, get in touch with us today by filling out our form.


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