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WaterWarden Safety Nets for Inground and Aboveground Pools

The Benefits of WaterWarden Pool Safety Nets

WaterWarden Safety nets are excellent for:

  • Child and pet protection: Inground and aboveground safety nets deter unsupervised pool entry for kids, pets and neighbors.
  • DIY installation: Safety nets are easy to install and maneuver with an adjustable, central tension system that fits most standard pool sizes.
  • Quick removal: Our safety nets can be attached and removed in minutes so transitioning to using the pool is easy and efficient.

Installation Process

Your inground or aboveground pool safety net comes with step-by-step instructions. During installation, keep the following items on hand:

  • Tape measure
  • Hammer
  • Heavy-duty drill
  • Extension cords
  • Epoxy or cement
  • Clear PVC glue
  • Gardening gloves

WaterWarden Safety Net Installation for Inground Pools

Each safety net for inground pools will come with the necessary installation parts. Properly installing the safety net requires several steps:

  • Begin by planning the positioning of your QuickRoll Storage reel and Central Tensioning Device (CTD) and tensioning anchors.
  • Place and drill your anchors around the pool, including at railings and ladders. Reference the manual and template for specific placement spacing details.
  • Lay the net flat on the ground, trimming and shaping it to fit the unique shape of your pool.
  • Use your protective gardening gloves to double bind the pool net.
  • Close the hooks.
  • Finish the edges, being sure to tap them closed with your hammer.
  • Fit the tensioning anchors, ratchet anchors and fastening cords.
  • Glue, position and fix your storage reel into its proper placement.
  • Fasten the WaterWarden Self-Locking Ratchet into the “C” anchor to tighten the CTD.
  • Attach the WaterWarden token to the hook opposite the QuickRoll reel.

WaterWarden Safety Net Installation for Aboveground Pools

To install your WaterWarden aboveground pool safety net, you’ll need:

  • Drill
  • 9/64 inch drill bit
  • Extension cord
  • Nonpermanent marker
  • 1/2 stainless steel sheet metal screws
  • Gardening gloves

Before you begin, have the step-by-step instruction manual on hand. The basic steps include:

  • Measure the pool’s top rail and cut the drilling template to the dotted line, marking the spots labeled “drill here.” Drill all marked sites and place the included brackets. Then, attach the brackets with the stainless steel screws. Repeat until all brackets are in place.
  • Position your WaterWarden pool safety net across the pool, securing it by hooking the net into the brackets.
  • Trim and shape the net to fit the unique proportions of your pool.
  • Double bind the pool net.
  • Locate the tensioning device, then pull it taut and clip the tensioning hook into the closest bracket.

Importance of Pool Safety Nets and Other Protective Barriers

Pool safety nets are vital for facilitating a safer environment. These products help to:

  • Keep loved ones safe: Drowning is a leading cause of death for kids under the age of 14, according to the CDC.
  • Maintain your view: Our see-through safety net allows you to enjoy the view of your pool while benefiting from its security and protection for your loved ones.
  • Deter unwanted guests: Safety nets prevent unsupervised pool entry from children, neighbors and even animals.

Purchase Your WaterWarden Pool Safety Nets Through Select Retailers

SPQ is your trusted and reliable pool safety product manufacturer. We have decades of experience and knowledge encouraging safe, fun family outdoor pool settings. Purchase your WaterWarden inground and aboveground pool safety nets from select retailers, including Amazon and Lowe’sContact us today for more information.

Where to Buy WaterWarden Pool Safety Nets

Buy from one of our trusted stores:

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The WaterWarden pool safety net is a unique pre-finished pool net system designed for easy DIY installation.

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Pool Sizing

Nets are available to fit most common shapes and sizes of residential pools.  Nets for less common size pools are easily customizable/trimmable by the pool owner to fit their particular pool.  Simply order a net size large enough to accommodate your pool.  After making sure your net fits, all that’s required is the simple installation of the anchors easily accomplished by most pool owners.

Installation Notes

All necessary installation hardware and instructions are included!

New: Solid Brass Net Anchors

Solid brass net anchors for pool decks

Safety Net Manuals

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