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WaterWarden creates high-quality solutions designed to make pool safety easy and attractive. WaterWarden safety fences can help protect your family with a long-lasting and effective perimeter around your pool and deck area. Plus, the do-it-yourself (DIY) design makes it a particularly affordable option. We offer our pool safety fences at major retailers such as the Home Depot, Amazon, Walmart and Lowe’s.

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For Inground Pools

WaterWarden Inground Pool Safety Fences are UL-Certified to ASTM F2286 and are made of super-strong, UV protected Meshylene fabric (mesh screen) suspended between aluminum poles. The fence sections come in fully adjustable 12′ sections in heights of 4′ or 5′, for a perfect, customized fit around any shape or size pool. The poles are anchored into the ground with a stainless steel pin, around an in-ground pool. While sturdy and extremely safe when in use, The WaterWarden Pool Safety fence can quickly be removed for any occasion.

Our Meshylene panels have a reinforced edging, to prevent any fraying of the material. The maximum UV inhibitors in the Meshylene make the WaterWarden pool safety fence suitable for all climates. All components are guaranteed to be long-lasting and non-rusting.

Safety Latch System

The WaterWarden spring-loaded safety latch system quickly and easily joins fence sections together.  It is simple for adults to use, but difficult for children to manipulate, safeguarding your child from unauthorized pool access.

Simple Installation

Fence sections install in minutes.  Unlike other pool fences which require the drilling of large holes using heavy professional core drilling equipment, the WaterWarden pool safety fence only requires simple drilling of small, 5/8″ holes for the Do-It-Yourselfer or the professional installer. A standard hammer drill will do the job; no specialized core drill needs to be purchased. Durable, non-metallic “feet” remain flush in the ground for convenient removal and reinstallation of the pool fence. The WaterWarden installation kit includes attractive caps to fill the holes in your deck when the fence is removed.

Self-Closing Gate

The WaterWarden self-closing gate provides an unmatched level of safety and convenience for you. This optional package includes a rigid, automatically closing safety gate with an ultra-safe magnetic lock. It also features non-rusting, self-closing hinges.

Safety Fence Manuals

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