WaterWarden Pool Safety Covers

Benefits a Safety Cover Can Provide for Your Pool

We manufacture covers in a mesh or solid material. Solid covers provide some extra protection against precipitation, dirt and algae growth, while mesh covers offer moderate protection against algae and are much more lightweight for easier handling.

We make it easy to install and use these swimming pool safety covers by providing all the necessary hardware and a wide selection of colors and sizes. They’re also easy to get, with availability at major retailers such as The Home Depot, Amazon and Walmart and Lowes. All customers get a one-year full warranty and a 15- or 20-year prorated warranty, depending on the cover material.

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WaterWarden Covers Feature:
  • 2-ply strapping and triple stitching throughout the cover for maximum strength
  • Large X-tacking is manually sewn on all straps for added strength and durability
  • #304 stainless steel springs include PVC sleeve
  • Non-corrosive aluminum tips on all straps
  • Abrasion-resistant pads protect cover from wear against decking
  • All installation hardware included
  • Generous 1′ overlap on every side for complete pool coverage
Warranty Options
  • 15 Year Prorated Warranty on Mesh Covers (1-Year Full)
  • 20 Year Prorated Warranty on Solid Covers (1-Year Full)
Mesh VS Solid Covers

Mesh vs. solid pool cover

UL Certification

UL Classified

All WaterWarden Mesh And Solid Safety Covers Are UL Classified In Accordance With ASTM Standard F 1346-91

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