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Sunheater™ Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

The Benefits of Sunheater Swimming Pool Solar Blankets

We manufacture inground and aboveground pool solar blankets. These covers not only help your pool retain heat, but they can also add heat to your pool. They also have the added benefit of reducing pool water evaporation, saving you money on costly top-ups and by reducing pool chemical consumption. Sunheater solar blankets also protect your pool from falling leaves and other debris, making pool cleaning a breeze.

  • Free Heat From The Sun – Heat your pool the natural way with a solar blanket from Sunheater! When placed on top of the pool with the bubbles facing down, the blanket traps the heat from the sun and transfers it to the water.
  • Keep pool water top-ups and chemical consumption to a minimum by reducing evaporation by up to 95%. 
  • Cut Down Cleaning Time & Costs – Our pool solar cover also keeps leaves, dirt, and debris at bay, which reduces time spent on skimming and fishing out debris.
  • Customizable According To Your Needs – The Sunheater solar pool blanket, although suitable for rectangular inground and aboveground pools, can also be trimmed to fit square, round, and kidney-shaped pools.
  • Convenient Storage – This 12 mil pool solar heater can be easily folded to a compact size. Simply store it in your shed or on a shelf when not in use.


Installation and removal of your Sunheater solar pool blanket is a breeze. Take a look at our solar blanket reels for an even easier installation/removal process.

Where to Buy Sunheater Solar Blankets

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Sunheater Solar Blankets Feature:
  • Sunheater’s air pockets harness the sun’s energy to add heat to your pool, while helping your pool water retain that heat during cool nights and cloudy days.
  • Supplementing your pool heater with a Sunheater solar blanket can reduce energy costs by up to 70 percent.
  • Sunheater solar pool blankets dramatically reduce pool water evaporation (by up tp 95%), saving you money on water and pool chemical consumption.
  • The blanket also provides a barrier to keep leaves and debris out of your pool, making cleaning and maintenance quick and easy.
  • Super strong 12 Mil Thickness

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