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Tips for First-Time Pool Owners

March 15, 2021

Tips for First-Time Pool Owners

Pools are at the center of many celebrations, birthday parties and relaxing Saturday afternoons with family and friends. Beating the heat with an invigorating dip in crystal clear water is one of the best parts of summer. If you have a pool, then you understand how it can elevate the ways you and your friends enjoy your property.

Being a first-time pool owner is exciting, but there’s a lot that goes into owning and maintaining a new swimming pool. New pool owners have their work cut out for them. Read on to discover some essential tips for new pool owners to help you stay safe, energy-efficient and healthy with your new pool.

Pool Safety

Pool safety is vital, especially if you have young children or pets. Statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) show that 10 people die every day as a result of accidental drowning. This shows a real need for intentional, dedicated pool safety across the country.

You can take your first step toward keeping your loved ones safe with the following tips:

  • Foster an environment of safety: Safety starts with education and practice. Talk to your kids about the importance of being safe around the pool and never swimming without an adult watching them. Swimming lessons for your kids should be a priority.  But you should also make sure your adult friends are safe, too. Ask guests to refrain from drinking alcohol if they’re thinking of hopping in the pool during your party.
  • Use safety nets or pool covers: It’s impossible to keep watch over your pool at all times, so you should invest in some items to increase safety and give you greater peace of mind. Safety nets cover the surface of the water to catch anything that falls in. A pool safety cover is also a good way to protect your loved ones, reduce algae growth and keep unwanted substances out of your pool when it’s not in use.
  • Install a fence around your pool: safety fence for your pool is a logical and trustworthy way to protect your little ones. It creates a barrier around your pool to keep playful children away when it’s not time for fun in the pool. Add an alarm to your fence’s gate, sliding glass door or window to enjoy even more security around your pool.
  • Use a pool alarm: Your children’s safety should be your top priority after installing your brand new pool. A pool alarm can put the finishing touches on your pool’s security and give you the last bit of peace of mind you need. These alarms can detect disruptions in the water’s sub-surface waves and alert you when something as light as 15 pounds enters the water.


Pool heaters can raise the temperature of the water to provide a more pleasant swimming experience. This can also extend your pool season by a few weeks when the weather is cooler.

Pool Heating and Efficiency

After investing in safety features, you need to figure out how you’re going to heat your pool. Pool heaters can raise the temperature of the water to provide a more pleasant swimming experience. This can also extend your pool season by a few weeks when the weather is cooler. But you want to make sure you’re heating your pool efficiently and that the heat is staying in the water where it belongs. Here are two tips that can help you heat your new swimming pool:

  • Solar-powered heating systems: The sun’s rays are a natural heating method for your pool. You can harness the full power of the sun by investing in solar pool heating systems. This heating method taps into the renewable energy source of the sun to raise your pool’s temperature. Installation is easy — you can do it yourself with the right solar pool heating accessories.
  • Pool additives: Another aspect of heating your pool is keeping the heat in the water. If you notice large amounts of steam rising from your pool’s water, then you’re losing valuable heat by the minute. That means more money leaving your wallet to keep your pool at the temperature you want. Instead, use Sunheater: Liquid Heat Shield as a natural way to keep your water warmer. This additive prevents evaporation and keeps the warm water of your pool in place, saving you money when heating your pool.


Cleaning Tips and Maintenance

Once you’ve taken safety precautions and figured out your pool’s heating situation, you need to make sure it’s clean and ready for your first pool party. No one is going to go for a swim if the water is dirty and murky. Here are some tips to help you clean and maintain your new swimming pool:

  • Pool vacuums: Dirt and other debris are going to find their way into your pool’s water and sink to the bottom. This is inevitable. Pool vacuums can help you keep dirt and debris to a minimum and help you clean up when they do appear. Attach your vacuum’s head to the right pool vacuum hose, and you’ll be on your way to sparkling, clear water.
  • Skimmers: Leaves, bugs and other objects will rest on the surface of your pool’s water, making it unappealing for people to jump in. Use a trusty pool skimmer to remove these items. Skimmers use a wide mesh head attached to a long handle to help you capture these unwanted items from your pool. You can then toss them in the nearest garbage can and get back to experiencing cleaner water.
  • Wall brushes: Dirt can also cling to the inside walls of your pool. Use a pool wall brush to disrupt this dirt and let your filter handle the rest. You can also use this brush to clean steps and other areas around your pool. If you have an aboveground pool, you can even clean the outside walls for an even cleaner pool experience.
  • Thermometers: reliable pool thermometer is essential for every pool owner to have. This will let you know the temperature of your pool’s water. Having a thermometer is especially helpful if you’re trying to watch your energy consumption. You’ll know when your pool has reached a comfortable temperature so you can turn off your heater and enjoy the water.
  • Chemicals: Keeping your pool at the right pH balance helps it stay clean and beautiful. If the pH gets too high, then your chlorine will be less effective. Read product packaging and follow the instructions to make sure you’re taking the right samples and adding the right chemicals to get your pool to a healthy pH level.


SPQ products can help you get started with your new swimming pool

SPQ Products Can Help You Get Started With Your New Swimming Pool

There may be a lot to keep straight when you get a new swimming pool, but one thing you should always remember is to have fun with it. When your pool is safe, comfortable and clean, you can relax and enjoy a beautiful summer day with your family and friends around you. Use pool lighting so everyone can enjoy the water, even after it gets dark. And you can enhance your pool party with fun poolside games that everyone can enjoy.

SPQ is here to help you get everything you need as a new pool owner. Contact us today for more information, and enjoy your new pool!