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Where to Place Solar Landscape Lights

January 27, 2022

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If you’re looking to improve your curb appeal, outdoor solar lights may be an excellent option for you! Solar lights are ideal for enhancing your home’s visibility and nighttime appeal without complicated wiring. They’re also an affordable, easy-to-install choice.

Solar lights can help you save a significant amount of money on electricity bills compared to typical outdoor lights. They decrease the carbon footprint you may have with other types of lighting.

Additional lighting around your home can give you more peace of mind. Not only is it a proven deterrent to burglars, but having light also gives people a sense of comfort and security.

Follow our tips to determine where to place solar lights in landscaping for your home.

Determine Which Features You Want to Showcase

Before deciding which lights you want to buy, you’ll need to determine which parts of your property you want to illuminate and the mood you want to create. Perhaps you want to add lights around your pool to improve the ambiance or light up a walkway to create a safe path to your home. No matter what, there are many places where solar lighting could significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and safety.

These are some of the most popular uses for solar-powered landscape lighting.

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Along a Walkway or Driveway

Don’t dismiss this use of landscape lighting! Placing lights along your walkway can make it easier for visitors to locate your path. It can also create an interesting look when you stagger your lights to illuminate different parts of the walkway. If you choose a staggered arrangement, be sure to place lights close enough to light the whole walkway. It’s a bonus if you can highlight your landscaping while providing a safe path to and from your home.

Adding lights to your driveway improves the visibility for any guests you may have. If you have landscaping or hardscaping along your driveway, extra lighting can protect those features from any damage.

At the Base of Your House

While most homes have outdoor lighting, it’s less common to find lights at the base of your house. However, lighting your exterior from below can make it look grander and more glamorous. If you place your lights at the bottom of your home’s foundation and point them upward, you’ll create a stunning effect of cascading light across the front of your house.

Highlight a Landscape Feature

If you want to emphasize a specific feature in your yard or garden, landscape lighting is your answer. You can place a light among your garden, near a sculpture or statue or by a large tree to create a silhouette effect. Doing so can bring dramatic flair to your home.

You can also put lighting within the trees to make them stand out. Mount a light to your tree’s trunk and shine the lights downward, which will not only light your tree, but will also cast a glow on any nearby hardscaping and landscaping features.

Around or in a Water Feature

Adding small spotlights in your pool or landscape lights around the pool’s patio can turn your water feature into a beautiful evening oasis. Solar lights are the preferred option for adding lights near water, so you don’t need to worry about having high-voltage wires near your pool.

Having lighting around your pool also creates a safer environment for swimming at night or walking around your yard. Keep your family and visitors safe by adding a simple landscape light to increase visibility at night. Including this proper lighting also helps anyone near the pool keep an eye on those swimming.

Near a Deck or Patio

Make your patio or deck more enjoyable with additional lighting. Entertaining in the evening lets you take advantage of your outdoor space, while creating a relaxed ambiance. Mount solar lights on nearby trees to ensure your event can last long into the night.

Avoid Any Possible Obstructions

Since most people place solar-powered lights where there may be foot or vehicular traffic, consider what obstacles might exist.

Look at where you’ve decided to place your lights — is there a possibility of damage from lawnmowers, or could people trip over them?

If you’re considering lining your driveway with lighting, ensure the lights aren’t so close to the driveway that you could run over them with your car. Your lights should be visible during the day and in a location that doesn’t get in the way of anything.

It can be helpful to sketch out your yard to determine the best location for your lights that will cause minimal obstruction to your everyday activities. Once you have these outlined, you’ll be ready to choose the perfect spot.

Choose a Location With Maximum Sunlight

When you choose solar-powered outdoor lighting, you’ll need to install your lights in a location that gets plenty of sunlight. Observe the areas of your outdoor space that soak up the most sun during the day, noting any shadows from your roof, trees or other nearby homes that may provide shade for your yard. Solar lights perform best when they get ample sunlight, which allows them to use their collected energy after the sun goes down.

Some solar lights, like flexRAY, have a separate solar panel from the light itself. These types of lights give you more flexibility with solar landscape light placement. You can put the light in one location and its corresponding panel in another area that gets better sunlight.

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