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3 Things to Do on a Rainy Day

May 27, 2020

Whether it’s sprinkling or pouring outside, rain can change your outdoor plans in an instant and keep you inside your home when you don’t necessarily want to be. Being stuck inside, however, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

There are still plenty of fun rainy day activities that you and your family can participate in. If you’re looking for some ideas to entertain your family, check out our list of three of the best at-home activities for kids.

1. Indoor Camping

Gather your family members and get ready to pitch your tent — indoors, that is. You can use an actual tent or create an indoor fort using blankets and pillows — it’s all up to you! Once your tent is up, dim the lights and let each family member share a scary story.

Of course, you can’t have a camping adventure without s’mores! Since you’re indoors, you can pop your marshmallows in the oven to achieve a toasty finish.

2. Host a Play/Magic Show/Singalong

If your kids love performing, now is a great time to turn your home into a stage. You can create a backdrop using some sheets or curtains. Then, encourage your kids to act out scenes from their favorite shows or movies. If they’re feeling creative, they can even put together their very own play.

A magic show is another fun performance idea. Your kids can learn and perform some classic magic tricks like making a coin disappear while amazing their audience with their skills.

You can also have singalongs on your new indoor stage. Create a playlist of some of your kids’ favorite songs, and let family members take turns performing on the stage. Don’t forget to applaud and shout for an encore!

3. Water Gun Tub Target Practice

Think you can’t enjoy some water-based fun inside? Think again! With parental supervision, kids can take part in water gun target practice indoors. This fun is best had inside a shower or tub to contain the water.

You can hang various targets on the walls of the shower and then aim at them using water guns. To make it more challenging, assign points to different targets depending on how hard they are to hit. Smaller circle targets, for example, can be worth more points than larger, easier to hit circles.

Try These Activities Outdoors When the Rain Stops

When the rain finally stops, you can try many of these same activities outside with your family. For water gun games and challenges, you’ll definitely want to arm everyone with the Kwik Fill Water Gun System. Thanks to this system’s revolutionary pressurized filling station, you’ll be able to fill your water guns in just six seconds — just push down to fill up and then get back in the game.

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