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Pool Safety Options — Which Is Right for You?

March 21, 2022

Inground pool with a blue safety cover

When it comes to pool safety, you have a lot of options at your disposal. When thinking through pool safety covers versus fences versus pool safety nets, there are advantages and things to consider with all of them. Ultimately, any safety measures you add to your pool environment will benefit you and your family.

What to Know About Pool Safety Covers

Pool safety covers serve several purposes. Utilizing a cover with sturdy and secure protection can make a huge difference if someone were to slip in the pool. This reliability is especially critical for pool owners with kids or pets.

Our pool covers are manufactured with two-ply strapping and triple stitching to make them as strong and durable as possible. We also design them to be long-lasting with the addition of chafing strips, so they don’t wear against your deck’s edges.

Advantages of Using a Pool Safety Cover

Pool covers are manufactured using one of two basic material types, providing you flexibility as you choose the one best suited for you, your pool and geographic location. Although both provide equal levels of safety, each comes with different pros and cons:

  • Mesh: Mesh covers provide moderate protection against algae and other debris. They are also of a lighter material, making handling and installing the cover easier.
  • Solid: Solid covers provide more complete protection against debris, algae or precipitation but feature a heavier material, making handling and installing more difficult.

In addition to the security they provide, safety covers can also double as winter covers, protecting your pool from the winter elements and making pool openings in the spring that much easier. If your pool area is well-decorated and features furniture, gazebos, plants or other decorations, you will benefit from the unencumbered view a pool cover provides compared to a fence.

Things to Consider Before Using a Pool Safety Cover

Typically, safety covers are installed at the end of swim season and removed at the beginning of the next one.  However, there are other safety products to consider that might be better if you required intermittent protection during swim season – something that can be more easily removed and then reinstalled. If, on the other hand, you are only concerned about safety during the months when the pool is not in use, a pool safety cover is a great option. More flexible safety alternatives include safety nets and removable safety fences.


What to Know About Pool Safety Nets

Safety nets are a revolutionary introduction to swimming pool safety. They are designed specifically to keep children safe from exposed water.

Close up of an inground pool with a blue safety net

Advantages of Using a Pool Safety Net

When pool safety nets are properly installed, removing them is a very quick and convenient process. Inground pool nets use a water-resistant reel that keeps the net from tangling while not in use. When you are ready to reattach the net, you can do so in minutes.

Incidentally, a safety net is a great choice for securing your above-ground pool, as safety covers are neither appropriate nor available for them.  The net is pulled taut over the water to keep everything from toys to pets to kids from falling into the pool unsupervised. In the case of above-ground pools, steel hooks on the pool sides provide security and allow the net to hold the weight. For inground pools the hooks are fastened to low-profile anchors inserted into pre-drilled holes in your deck.

You don’t have to worry about water pooling on top of the nets and you have an unobstructed view of the pool, just like pool covers.

Things to Consider Before Using a Pool Safety Net

Though the net structure prevents water from pooling on top of the cover, it also allows debris and precipitation to get through, leading to more maintenance on your part than would a cover by needing to clean the pool more often.

Nets do add welcome flexibility to your pool safety solutions, as they are considerably easier to remove and reinstall than a cover, making them entirely suitable for in-season use.

What to Know About Pool Safety Fences

Installing a removable pool safety fence is a functional and aesthetic way to provide safety to your pool area. Pool safety fences come in individual sections with varying heights. Your fence will come with extra-strong mounting brackets and all necessary installation hardware. You can customize your fence to have optional self-closing gates with magnetic latches if you desire.  Our fences are designed to provide no toeholds, preventing kids from climbing them.

Advantages of Using a Pool Safety Fence

Pool safety fences with a gate provide the fastest pool access for adults, as you simply walk through the latched gate by lifting the latch post positioned out of reach of children. Fences are built to last and can surround whatever size or shape pool area you have. Because we make it easy to install yourself, our fences are also affordable. A safety fence prevents unwanted entry to your pool area, rather than provide a pool surface barrier for someone who would otherwise have fallen into your pool.

Things to Consider Before Using a Pool Safety Fence

With typical backyard fences, there is a potential risk if the gate is left open or doesn’t get shut all the way. This is why our self-closing gates can provide extra peace of mind.

Depending on the climate where you live and how many trees are around, a fence might not provide all of the pool protection you are looking for, which is why you may choose a pool cover instead of a fence. Combining the two is a great solution if it fits your budget.

A fence could also obstruct your view of your pool area, which could be a problem if you have invested a lot of time and energy in your pool area aesthetic. On the other hand, a fence could enhance the look of your area, depending on the aesthetic you are going for. In any case, our fence is removable with the fence anchors remaining flush with your deck’s surface.

How to Choose the Best Safety Option for Your Pool

Nothing provides more safety to your kids and your pets than adult supervision, plus swimming lessons for your kids. However, having extra measures in place is helpful in ensuring your family’s safety. Having multiple layers of protection, such as a net and a fence, would be ideal but not always realistic.

When choosing which pool safety option is right for you, consider who would be in danger near an open pool and what their capabilities are. You can also consider the layout of your backyard. If there are no other major factors at play, you have the freedom to choose the one that will best fit your pool area’s layout and style.

Choose SPQ Brands to Help Keep Your Pool Safe

Inground pool with a green safety cover

At SPQ Brands, we have the products you need to keep your pool safe so you can have peace of mind. When you know your pool area is secure, you can focus on having fun with the people you love and enjoying the sunshine. Our pool safety covers, fences and gates are manufactured to be high-quality and ensure your pool environment is secure, all at a competitive price.

Not only are our products high-quality and our prices competitive, but we pride ourselves on excellent customer service. If you have questions or would like to learn more, we’d love to talk with you. Contact us online or call us at 609-212-0221.