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Memorial Day Pool Party Planning

April 16, 2021

With Memorial Day just around the corner, you’ve probably got sun and sparkling water on your mind. Give your friends and family a celebration unlike any other this year and kick off the summer with a stellar pool party.

How to Plan a Memorial Day Pool Party

To make the process nice and organized, we’ve put together an easy to-do list for Memorial Day party planning.

1. Set a Theme and Plan Your Menu

The first step, and often the most difficult one, is to choose your theme. From luaus and fiestas to the red, white and blue, there’s no shortage of great pool party themes to pick from. You’ll be able to center your decorations, activities and menu around this theme, so choose wisely!

Speaking of menus, consider what fun foods you’ll be supplying. Food is a great way to incorporate your theme and give your guests the full experience. Think about providing those refreshing desserts and crowd-pleasing appetizers, along with your main course — barbeque is an excellent choice here with a skilled griller at the helm. You can also go potluck style and have guests bring their own themed food.

2. Plan Activities

If you’re at a pool party, you want to spend lots of time in the water. Make sure to plan some pool games and activities, like a cannonball splash contest or floatie races. Dry activities are also super fun, whether you’re planning for a beach volleyball tournament or a few rounds of cornhole. You can even bring the water on land with water gun games using the ever-exciting Kwik Fill Water Gun System.

3. Safety Precautions

No matter how you run your party, you must make sure it’s a safe space for your guests. Ensure an adult is there to monitor kids in the pool and that children wear their floaties if needed. If your party involves alcohol, make sure any particularly inebriated friends keep their distance from the water.

If you plan to have pool parties with kids around, consider adding a pool fence or gate alarm to keep them out when adults aren’t watching. These measures can be especially beneficial if your outdoor space is large and the grown-ups might wander away from the pool to a patio or kitchen.

Don’t forget the importance of food safety too! Brush up on using your grill and basic food safety before you pick up those tongs.

4. Prepare Your Pool and Outdoor Space

Of course, you also want to make sure your outdoor space is clean and bright. Give the patio furniture a good cleaning, set up some umbrellas for shade and sweep off the deck. Look for and pick up anything that might be a hazard, like a big, overhanging branch or the extension cord for your speaker that’s trailing across the walkway. You’ll also want to check the chemical levels in your pool to get it all set for the swimmers.

If your party will go past sunset, make sure you have lots of lighting in place. For aboveground pools, consider our party-friendly solid and color-changing pool lights.

Make Sure You’re Ready for Memorial Day Festivities

While there may be a lot of boxes to tick, party planning can be half the fun! At SPQ Brands, we’re here to help with fun and safe products for the whole guest list to enjoy during your memorial day celebration. Browse our products to see them all, and view our helpful guides on July 4th and Labor Day party ideas!