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Leaf Removal Tips for Pool Owners

March 15, 2021

Most pool owners are all too familiar with the frustrating job of cleaning leaves from their pool. There are many ways to approach this task, and some methods are easier and faster than others. Let’s take a closer look at the different tools and techniques you can use for the job.

Use Leaf Covers for the Fall and Winter Months

Leaf nets offer a lightweight solution built especially for quick, easy leaf removal. These fine mesh nets are typically used over the top of your pool cover for easier reopening in the spring, but they’re also good to use in between swims.


Keep Leaves Away With Lawn Maintenance and Landscape Planning

While you can look for easy ways to remove leaves, you can also prevent them from ever entering your pool in the first place with some clever lawn care. Trim back overhanging trees and branches that could shed leaves into the water, and consider landscaping with some pool-friendly plants like banana trees, succulents or dogwood. These kinds of plants often have larger, easy-to-clean leaves and don’t produce fruits or flowers. You don’t need to sacrifice attractive greenery to have a clean pool.


Remove Leaves Manually With Skimmer Nets and Leaf Rakes

You have two options for leaf removal methods — manual or automatic removal. The easiest way to remove leaves manually is by using one of these tools:

  • Skimmer nets: These nets are probably what you already use for leaf removal, and they’re good for everyday cleanup. They won’t work well for large amounts of leaves, though, because they can’t support the weight.
  • Leaf rakes: Leaf rakes work similarly to skimmer nets. Unlike skimmers, they’re deep, so they can hold more leaves. They also have rubber rims and a more durable build. These features make them good for dragging along the bottom of the pool and picking up small particles. They’re a great tool to have for moderate to heavy leaf removal.


Remove Leaves Automatically With Leaf Traps and Leaf Vacs

If you really want a hands-off approach to leaf removal, automatic options can be a good choice. You can use:

  • Leaf vacs: These devices attach to your standard garden hose and create jets that swirl around the water and pull the leaves into a collection bag. You simply push a leaf vacuum along the bottom of the pool and let it grab the debris from there.
  • Leaf traps: Leaf traps work alongside existing pool vacuuming systems. They hold the leaves in a separate container, which both cleans the pool and helps the vacuum perform better.


Leaf Removal Solutions From SPQ Brands

Now that you know how to remove leaves from your pool with different tools, you can go forth and shop with confidence.

SPQ Brands has been creating high-quality, family-friendly products for years, and our pool cleaning products are no exception. We have several items available for leaf removal, including fine-mesh pool leaf nets and a range of skimmer nets and leaf rakes. These are available through many major retailers like Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart. Check out the product pages to learn more!

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