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Labor Day Pool Party Ideas

June 21, 2021


Pool parties for Labor Day are a great way to end the summer. Use our tips to plan a memorable pool party that is fun for the whole family.

Decide on a Theme and Decorate the Area

Coming up with a theme is a great way to spice up your event and have everyone get excited for the big day. Luaus, colors or costume parties are all fun themes that include everyone. Don’t forget to let your guests know your theme ahead of time so they can come prepared.

Decorations set the mood for the entire event, so make sure to plan accordingly. Whether you want to give out leis or decorate with streamers and lights, you can create a perfect ambiance for the evening.

Pick a Menu to Match

Consider what foods you want to offer your guests. Fresh fruits, barbecue and vegetables are popular pool party choices. If you want to go more hands-off, you can set up a sandwich or ice cream station. You can also suggest a themed potluck and have everyone else bring a dish to share!

Make sure that you have enough water and snacks to keep everyone full and hydrated as they swim and lounge by the pool.

Ensure Your Pool Is Safe for Guests

Having fun means staying safe in the sun. Before everyone shows up, make sure that the pool area is clear of any hazards. If you’re going to serve alcohol, make sure you keep an eye on those drinking.

If you plan on having children as guests, we recommend some enhanced safety measures. Pool gates prevent anyone from accessing the pool when no one else is around. As an additional measure, safety nets prevent accidental slips into the pool.

Prepare Your Outdoor Space and Get the Pool Ready

As the party day draws nearer, you’ll want to clean and spruce up your outdoor area. Sweep the deck, set out the decorations and get ready for the party to start. You want to be as prepared as possible when your guests arrive.

Adding fun touches like a pool fountain can give the area aesthetic appeal and make time in the pool even more enjoyable. If you plan on staying out late, we have color-changing pool lights that can illuminate the night. These special touches are great for making sure you and your guests have an amazing Labor Day party!

Prepare for Labor Day in Style

When it comes to holidays, planning your party is half the fun! SPQ Brands has engaging pool activities and safety products to help you relax during the festivities and make your party a success. Browse our products to learn more!