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How Do Water Guns Work?

June 11, 2020

Water guns have helped countless individuals stay cool in the summertime while taking part in a fun activity with their friends and family members. They’ve evolved over the years since the simple cast-iron model that predates the Civil War. These original squirt guns couldn’t hold as much liquid ammo and didn’t have the long-distance capabilities that the water guns of today have. Now, you can easily find water guns in all kinds of different styles, colors and sizes.

From past to present water guns, let’s check out some of the mechanics.

What Are the Different Parts of a Water Gun?

While all water guns are unique, they share some of the same basic parts, including the following:

  • Trigger: The trigger is what you pull to shoot your liquid ammo.
    Pump: The pump helps draw the liquid out so that you’re able to fire.
    Water reservoir: The water reservoir holds the liquid ammo until you’re ready to fire it.
    Barrel: The water is pumped through the barrel before it exits through the nozzle.
    Nozzle: The nozzle is what helps direct the water and keep it in a focused stream.

How Do the Parts of a Water Gun Work Together to Function?

Since each option is different, the mechanics involved with making a water gun function depend on its type. Here are some common models and how their components work together.

Simple Squirt Gun

The pump, which enables you to fire the liquid ammo, is very important in a simple squirt gun. In addition to the cylinder pump, squirt guns rely on a simple piston and two one-way valves. When you pull the trigger, it moves the piston into the cylinder, which then compresses the spring. When you let go of the trigger, the piston then leaves the cylinder.

Super Soakers

Super Soakers rely on a pump mechanism that uses built-up water pressure to deliver blasts of water that can move up to 50 feet. Compressed air, which creates the water pressure, is what sets the mechanism of this water gun apart from its weaker predecessors. With Super Soakers, users often need to build this pressure up by pumping the air in with the pump handle. The more compressed the air gets, the stronger the stream becomes.

Kwik Fill Water Gun System

Unfortunately, because of the way these past water guns worked, users had to spend a lot of time and effort to fill and shoot their water guns. The Kwik Fill Water Gun System builds on these past water gun mechanics to offer an improved water war experience. The result is a water gun system that fills your water gun with liquid ammo in seconds—just push down to fill your water gun up.

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