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How to Make an Above Ground Pool Look Nice

November 21, 2022

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Pools are excellent home additions when you want to stay cool during the summer or year-round if you live in a warmer climate. An above ground pool is often a budget-friendly option that provides lots of fun for the whole family. While you may think of a plain-looking pool when you hear about above ground pools, they have come a long way in terms of style.

Many pool owners have used their creativity to enhance their above ground pool surroundings, making decorative details come to life and fit it in with their other backyard features — and you can do it too.

Read on to learn about the pros and cons of above ground pools and our tips for dressing up your raised pool.

Pros and Cons of Above Ground Pools

Whether you already have one or are considering getting one, an above ground pool is desirable for many homeowners. It offers many shape varieties and a cost-effective price, making it an appealing and popular option. Here are some above ground pool pros and cons:


  • Price: Above ground pools are often more affordable than in ground pools, even if they are similar in size.
  • Construction: Constructing and installing an above ground pool is much easier than other pools. Professional services for building a pool aren’t needed. You only need to assemble the parts.
  • Maintenance: It is also easier to maintain an above ground pool than a built-in pool. In ground pools require special filtration and drainage systems to ensure they stay functional. Raised pools typically only need regular chemical treatments.

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  • Durability: Due to the construction and being above ground, raised pools are more vulnerable to damage, whether from natural weather or everyday wear and tear.
  • Longevity: Above ground pools have a shorter life span than in ground pools. While they can last 10-20 years, depending on the type, their longevity is shorter than a built-in pool.
  • Aesthetics: You may be able to find some raised pools with appealing visuals, but there is still room for growth compared to in ground pools. You’ll need to find and install different decorations and features if you want an upscale above ground pool.

7 Above Ground Pool Decorating Ideas

You have many options for creating a stylish above ground pool, whether your priority is to hide and disguise it or elevate its appearance. Here are some features and ways to make an above ground pool look nice:

1. Pool Decking

A popular way homeowners dress up their raised pools is by installing a deck around them. Decks offer many functional and aesthetic benefits. They make getting in the pool more accessible and provide a lounge area next to the water. A pool deck also can help hide your above ground pool, whether the deck goes around the pool partially or entirely.

When adding a deck to your pool, you have many design options to create an aesthetically pleasing above ground pool area. Some pool deck ideas you could incorporate into your designs include the following:

  • Wraparound stairs: Accessing the pool can be easier with wraparound stairs as part of your deck. The stairs can offer a more classy look than a ladder.
  • Levels: Create interesting and beautiful looks by playing with different deck levels. A deck with multiple levels can open the door for additional decorations.
  • Fences: Whether you have kids or not, adding a fence to your deck can add more protection to the pool area. A fence surrounding the entire deck can help keep unwanted critters and guests out, like pool hoppers or unattended children.

2. Lounge and Bar Area

If you want to take attention away from your above ground pool, installing a lounge and bar area is an excellent option. Your lounge and bar area can become the focal point of your backyard. Creating an area where you can relax and enjoy the pool, even after the sun sets, is a great way to get more use out of your yard.

You could make a sunbathing area with long lounge chairs, and your lounge area could also include comfortable seating, perfect for relaxing after swimming or at night. Include fun cushion designs, potted plants, lights and more to elevate the area. If you create a bar, grill and dining area, you can have fun entertaining guests while making drinks and cooking delicious food.

Your above ground pool will become a background feature when you have a fun lounge area.

3. Landscaping

You can use landscaping to your advantage to make your raised pool look nice. Planting flora like bushes, shrubs or flowers around your above ground pool can help disguise it while giving you a beautiful backyard visual. You can combine different flora to create a cohesive aesthetic. Using various shrubs and intermixing colorful annuals or perennials can help you have an impressive pool perimeter.

Maintaining the surrounding landscape can also tie your pool area together, providing a beautiful visual.

4. Hardscaping

Another way to make your pool area more stylish is to include several hardscaping elements. Including sidewalks and pathways in your backyard to get to and from your pool can make it seem more cohesive with the landscape and space. Whether you use stones, pavers or composite decking, you can make an attractive and inviting pathway that leads to your pool. You can also use the hardscaping to create a border that complements the pool and further helps integrate it into the space.

5. Retaining Wall

If you want to change how the outside of your pool looks, you can elevate its style by adding a retaining wall. It can help hide your pool’s walls while adding an aesthetically pleasing look to your pool. The materials you decide to use for the wall can help tie your pool to other elements in your yard.

6. Mixed Materials

While designing your above ground pool area, it’s essential to consider all the factors that can work together to create a cohesive and impressive look. The materials you use for different elements can create visual interest and contrast. Consider using various materials and textures to make a unique pool area.

Some material combinations you could use include:

  • Wood and stone
  • Steel and concrete
  • Gravel and grass

7. Lighting

You can also dress up your above ground pool by installing various lighting features around the pool and landscape. Appropriate lighting around the pool can help you and your family stay safe while swimming in the evening or walking around the area at night. You could place landscape lights along the walkways in your yard to ensure your family and guests can see where they’re walking.

Additionally, adding different lighting can help you create a relaxing and romantic atmosphere. Hanging string lights around the pool or installing Tiki torches can liven up the area at night and provide enough light for a cozy night swim. You could also install spotlights to shine on the pool.

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Discover New Accessories for Your Above Ground Pool

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