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Aboveground Pool Maintenance

December 7, 2021

Aboveground pool with a deck platform

Pools are a fun, refreshing feature that can entertain you and the entire family all summer long. Pools also require consistent maintenance to ensure a safe, healthy environment for your friends and family to play in. If you own an aboveground pool, you are not off the hook. Similar to owning an inground pool, cleaning and basic maintenance is necessary to keep the pool in peak condition.

With your aboveground pool maintenance, you need to clean the pool, ensure you have the right filter, conduct regular water testing, check for chemical levels, and make sure the structure is stable. Regular maintenance is a must if you want to enjoy the excitement and fun of swimming and playing in a pool.

Proper maintenance can reduce the risk of more expensive problems in the future while helping to keep your familiy safe as they enjoy playing in the pool. If you are an aboveground pool owner, here is everything you need to know about daily, weekly and monthly pool maintenance. Follow these guidelines for a worry-free summer filled with pool parties and swimming in the comfort of your backyard.

Daily Aboveground Pool Maintenance

Many pool maintenance tasks should be completed on a daily basis. The following are several essential items you should perform every day for your pool:

  • Run your pool pump: It is vital to keep your pool pump on for 12 hours. This helps you keep your pool water filtered and avoid any buildup.
  • Test pH and chlorine levels once per day: The water pH level should be between 7.4 and 7.6. The chlorine level for the pool water should be 2.0 to 4.0 ppm. You have to check these levels frequently to ensure any bacteria are killed and the pool water is safe. Using test kits is the best method to keep your pool water balanced.
  • Check the water level: Keep the water level in your pool mid skimmer.
  • Clean essential equipment: Make sure to clean the skimmer and pump baskets as frequently as needed.

With these minimal daily pool maintenance practices, you can prevent further problems from developing with your pool, saving you extra time and money in the future.

Weekly Aboveground Pool Maintenance

The daily pool maintenance tips mentioned above are a good starting place, and there are several other less frequent steps you should take to ensure your pool remains in optimal condition. Here is a list of those you should take on a weekly basis to clean your pool:

  • Remove debris from the water: Skim through the surface of the water, making sure the water is clean and does not have buildup. Investing in pool cleaning tools for weekly maintenance is an excellent way to make this process more efficient.
  • Vacuum your pool: It might be a good idea to invest in a pool vacuum, which allows you to clean the bottom of the pool.
  • Clean the surrounding area of the pool:  Maintaining your pool’s interior is much easier when the area surrounding your aboveground pool is clean. If kids are jumping into the pool with dirty feet from the surrounding deck area, the pool will get dirty more quickly.
  • Add cleaning products: Use clarifiers, algaecide and other products to ensure the water is clean and safe to use.

Monthly Aboveground Pool Maintenance

Complete these tasks at least once each month to keep your pool functioning at its best:

  • Check the calcium hardness level: Ensure that the calcium hardness level is between 200-400ppm. This has a direct impact on how soft or hard the pool water is. With the level being below 200 or 150ppm, it can affect water sanitation.
  • Use cyanuric acid: With this acid, you can make sure that your chlorine level does not change with the sun. This acid helps protect the chlorine in the water from the sun. This acid level should ideally be between 30-50ppm.
  • Add pool shock: Once per month, you should add in pool shock with at least 5 gallons of water around the pool. Pool shock, like chlorine, helps you clean the water for optimal safety for you and your loved ones.

With these daily, weekly and monthly maintenance tips for your aboveground pool, you should be able to keep your pool clean and safe for your family. Keeping up with a regular maintenance schedule is crucial for a well-functioning and safe pool environment for your friends and family to enjoy.

Pool skimmer in a swimming pool

Aboveground Pool Tips

One thing you should consider when painting your aboveground pool is installing a sump pump. With the help of the sump pump, you can avoid any water damage around or inside your pool. With the sump pump, you can make the draining water and cleaning process a lot easier.

You might have experienced high costs with heating systems in your pool. One solution is to install solar pool heating systems. With this technology, you can decrease your costs and use a natural heating system. Another option for you is to use a liquid heat shield to retain as much heat as possible. With this natural solution, you can save more heat for your aboveground pool, saving you money in the process.  With a solar blanket, you can retain more heat and keep your water clean and safe from other debris. Using a solar blanket roller makes a solar blanket more convenient to use.

When the summer days are over, winterizing the pool is essential. You should clean the pool thoroughly. A winter chemical kit would be an excellent way to ensure your pool is ready for the winter. It would also be a good idea to remove any chemicals, supplies, pumps and other products in a dry space. After that, you can leave a little water in the pool and add in antifreeze. With this and a winter cover, your pool will be ready for the winter season.

SPQ Brand’s Swimming Pool Products

We understand that maintaining your aboveground pool can be challenging and time-consuming at times. Fortunately, with the right tools, cleaning and monitoring your pool can be a breeze.  At SPQ Brands, we offer many swimming pool products to make pool maintenance easy for you. You can find everything from pool safety to pool accessories. With these products, you can make sure you have everything for your daily, monthly and weekly pool maintenance.

We’ve been in business for over 20 years and are experienced in producing high-quality, effective pool maintenance supplies. Learn more about our products, or contact us online today with any questions.

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